Cornerstone's IT Consulting group is divided into two practices to
meet the needs of our clients. These include
IT Infrastructure and
Application Management & Development.

IT Infrastructure
The IT Infrastructure practice assists our clients to assess, design, test,
implement, and support systems that facilitate their business operations.

Typical services we provide in this practice include:

• Cloud Computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – we work with clients
   to quote, specify, design, implement, and migrate their systems to Azure or
   AWS (Amazon Web Services).  We will manage the cloud infrastructure post
   implementation on their behalf or in tandem with their IT resources.
• IT Consolidation (or virtualization) – we reduce the number of physical
   servers required to run our client’s systems by leveraging VMware solutions.
   These services improve system availability and costs by reducing hardware
   requirements and power consumption.
• IT System Design and Implementation – based on our client’s requirements,
   we will design an on premise or cloud-based IT infrastructure (network, servers,    workstations, mobile devices, and software) to meet our client’s business and    security needs.
• IT Infrastructure Management and Support – we serve as our client’s
   internal help desk and address user issues and system problems. We support
   our client’s users with a personal touch, and by proactively monitoring our
   client’s systems, we increase system availability by addressing issues before
   they become problems.
• Business Continuity, Back Up and Disaster Recovery - we design and
   implement high availability back up and disaster recovery solutions
   that meet our client's business requirements and ensure optimal IT
   system operations.
• Messaging – we implement and support Office 365 and on premise email
   systems for our clients. We implement spam filtering systems for our customers
   that greatly increase overall user satisfaction and productivity
   as well as system availability.
• Collaboration – we implement Office 365, portal and other web-based systems
   to facilitate communication among our clients, their partners and customers.

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Application Management and Development

Cornerstone's Application Management and Development practice
leverages tried and proven approaches and strategies to help our clients
achieve their application management and development goals. These
services are aimed at enabling our clients to enhance and sustain
operational efficiency and profitability.

We partner with our clients to ensure the development and implementation
of solutions that are consistent with strategic business objectives.

Our Application Management and Development services team
• possesses deep systems management and application development
• possesses specialized experience in all phases of life cycle management
   (analysis, design, development, testing, deployment/implementation,
   maintenance and support)
• leverages best of breed methodologies and best practices to ensure continued
    client success
• tailors our approach to align with client objectives

Service Areas
• Application Development Solutions - Web and mobile application analysis,
   design, development and management
• Data Management Solutions - data conversion, migration, administration
   and reporting services
• Innovative Product Solutions - custom solutions analysis and development;
   integration services

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Tried and proven
approaches and strategies
to help our clients