Cornerstone is committed to delivering valuable business and technology
solutions to our clients. We partner with clients to conduct comprehensive business operations reviews and workflow analyses to identify critical gaps
and operational inefficiencies.

This allows for the recommendation and implementation of:
• risk mitigation strategies,
• business operations streamlining measures, and the
• determination of the most appropriate use of technology to support
   business needs and overall strategic plans.

The following represent the services provided by our business advisory team.

Business Planning and Development
• Review, analysis, and assessment of business plans/operations
• SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analyses
• Workflow analysis - business process analysis and design/reengineering

CIO Advisory
• Business/IT alignment
   - Identify key business needs, processes, and initiatives
   - Assess how Information Technology delivers business value
• Technology strategy development and execution
   - Ensure business elements drive technology strategy
   - Survey technology space and applicable solutions for facilitating
      business needs
   - Construct high level implementation plans
   - Work with prospective vendors to identify best fit to business/technology
      needs and constraints
• Financial analysis and modeling
   - Build financial business cases and ROI/TCO models to justify
      initiative investment.

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Identifying key
business needs, processes,
and initiatives.